Frequently Asked Questions

Apple Mac Mini (Late 2012), 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM

I use OBS - Open Broadcaster Software to stream the video and audio, to stream music I use Hermes, and to manage the audio I use SoundFlowerBed and LadioCast for a mixer.

  • Mic - Audio-Technica AT2020 USB
  • Headphones - AKG K 240 Semi-Open Studio Headphones
  • Boom for Mic - Neewer Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand
  • Lights - LimoStudio-Photography 600W Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit
  • ChromaKey - CowboyStudio Reversible Pop Out Background Panel Blue and Green
  • **All purchased on Amazon


What no JavaScript or jQuery?

Yeah, I have avoided those languages because they looked like math and algebra - both not a favorite subject in school the first time. I am slowly getting the theory of them and it all has to do with the DOM. I am going through this book now: Jon Duckett - Javascript and jQuery. It is starting to make some sense and not be a language from Mars.

Here is a list of editors and the plugins I use. *Must Haves

  • Atom Beautify
  • Bracket Matcher
  • Command Pallet
  • *Emmet
  • Git Diff
  • *Livereload
  • Markdown Preview
  • Open in Browser
  • Project Manager
  • Snippets
  • Open on Github

Sublime Text 3
  • Advanced New File
  • Align Tab
  • Auto Prefixer
  • Auto Save
  • Auto File Name
  • Bracket Highlighter
  • Code Wrapper
  • CSS Color Converter
  • *Emmet
  • File Browser
  • Fuzzy File Path
  • Git Gutter
  • *Hipster Ipsum
  • *Origami
  • *Package Control
  • Sidebar

  • ACB Bootstrap Snippets
  • ACB Jade to Bootstrap Snippets
  • ACB New Bootstrap Template
  • *AutoSave on Window Blur
  • *Brackets Git
  • *Brackets Snippets (by edc)
  • *Color Hints
  • *Documents Toolbar
  • *Duplicate Files & Folders
  • *Emmet
  • Extensions Rating
  • *HTML Wrapper
  • Jade (Official Plugin)
  • Jade Snippets
  • Jade Syntax Highlighting
  • Sass Hints
  • Spell Check
  • *Todo
  • Theme - Son of Monokai

Visual Studio Code
  • Bookmarks
  • Bower
  • Bootstrap 3 Snippets
  • *Emmet - built into core
  • Guides
  • Git History
  • HTML Tag Wrap
  • HTML Previewer
  • PHP Debug
  • PHP Code Format
  • Project Manager
  • Spelling and Grammer Checker
  • SVG Viewer
  • View in Browser
  • VSC Setting Sync

It depends on the mood and type of project I am working on.

I have been coding for 34 years on and off. I am 90% self taught but in 2014 I took the Front End Engineering program at The Iron Yard in early 2014. I have been a freelancer and teacher since 1996. I now enjoy streaming on, teaching older adults computer skills and teaching coding skills to kids and adults alike.

Yes. I value my elecronics and computers. When a thunderstorm is headed for the area and thunder can be heard, I will prepare by unplugging my computer. Thunderstorms any other unforseen power or internet outages that may arise, I will reschedule the stream. Please check the schedule here.